At Stuart King Architecture & Design Ltd we provide a nationwide service to most major house builders and independent clients from our offices in Scotland. We pride ourselves in offering a highly professional and educational service, with our technicians offering on-site advice and guidance to help achieve a legitimate and comprehensive result.

Our services for testing include:

  • Air Tightness testing (also known as air leakage, air infiltration or air permeability testing)
  • Sound Insulation Testing, or pre-completion testing
  • Ventilation & Extract fan commissioning
  • Room Integrity testing.

We always aim to guide the client and builder towards achieving a pass, however this cannot be guaranteed. Dependent on the extent of amendments perceived to be required by our technicians.

Our technicians have over 10 years experience and have grown with the changes in legislation, giving them vast knowledge of the industry and are familiar with the common pitfalls. As a customer service we aim to provide the utmost information both from professional and educational experience which will aid in the completion of the property.

We always advise following construction documents provided by the Architects and Engineers to assure a comprehensive build, deviations from this have and can result in abortive works, high amendment costs and stress.


Neil Sellars / Technical Manager Lomond Homes

On behalf of Lomond Homes, I have no hesitation in recommending the services of SKAD to any potential clients. Since first utilising them in 2008, they have never failed to deliver a professional, swift, efficient service, backed up with sound technical and industry knowledge.


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