Peat Inn Artists Studio

Proposed new live/work unit

A development for a space to work and to live, set within countryside living in a woodland environment sited within rural Perthshire. Promoting sustainable building and living, low carbon materials and traditional forms, with a contemporary style.

The development is empathetic to current site conditions, offers a subtle response and aims to build a relationship with the existing woodland. These new home and studio will appeal to young families or artist looking for countryside living to inspire,with open plan spaces and modern low carbon technologies.

Project Details

Client: Freewheelin Ltd

Design Team: Craig SutherlandEuan Miller



Euan has produced a fantastic design and Craig has been fully committed to leading the project. We understand this is a tricky site and proposal, however we have full confidence in a positive result from SKAD.

Feedback:  We would feel extremely comfortable recommending Stuart King Architecture to friends, colleagues and other professionals for their high standards of design and client involvement.


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peat inn front view
peat inn front view
peat inn front view night
peat inn front view coloured drawing
peat inn front view