Denholm House

Proposed new build house

Initial client briefing highlighted the need for a new farmhouse within the family business that would allow the client to pass on holistic responsibility of the business, allowing the client to focus on farming expensive pedigree stock from the new dwelling. A sustainable,diverse and modern farm house to accommodate new business model and large family gatherings.

A family home incorporating manageable robust materials to withstand a site known to adverse westerly weather conditions. An archetypical traditional farm house. Adaptable design for future provisions, utilising the generous views across the countryside.

A home, farmhouse and sustainably adaptable dwelling perched within Bonnybridge countryside. Characterises sympathy to its context and the materiality relatable to the vernacular while introducing a self-efficient durable home

Project Details

Client: Mr Denholm

Project Lead: Craig Sutherland



Craig has helped us through our time getting this house sorted and we couldn’t have had a better person to do so.

Feedback:  The service has been fantastic, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend them again.


denholm house inside dinning room
denholm house floor layouts
denholm house header banner
denholm house front view
Denholm House
Denholm House
denholm house back view
Denholm House
Denholm House