Approved Certifier of Design

(Section 6 – Energy) For Domestic Buildings

Persons who are approved to certify the energy design of buildings (domestic and non-domestic) under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 appear on the Certification Register. The Register is maintained by the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government on behalf of Scottish Ministers, at, an up to date database will also be maintained by BRE Global.

The Building (Scotland) Act 2003 permits the design or construction of building work to be certified by qualified, experienced, and reputable building professionals and tradespeople as complying with the building regulations without the need for detailed scrutiny of designs or inspections by local authorities.

>Certification is an optional procedure for the implementation of building regulations in Scotland and is only relevant to work that requires a building warrant. Certification may only be undertaken by an approved certifier of design or an approved certifier of construction who is registered in an appropriate approved certification scheme and, where relevant, holds the appropriate designation(s) in such a scheme. They must also be employed by a body (a business or other body) that has been approved as adopting suitably professional practice to provide a certification service, including quality assurance procedures to check compliance with building regulations and is registered in an appropriate approved certification scheme.

Approved certifiers are directly responsible for the work that is certified but may certify work by others if they take appropriate steps to ensure that the work conforms to the building regulations.

Benefits of Using an Approved Certifier
  • You have the assurance that their work will meet building standards.
  • You should receive a high quality service from an approved reputable company.
  • The work will be done by trained and competent construction professionals.
  • Approved Certifiers must have high levels of qualifications and experience.
  • Approved Certifiers are subject to independent monitoring.
  • Approved Bodies carry professional indemnity insurance.
  • Each scheme operates a robust complaints procedure.
  • You will receive a discount on the full building warrant fee.
Additional Benefits
  • Work covered by a certificate issued by an Approved Certifier requires no further checking by the local authority, saving time, and speeding up the building warrant application process or the acceptance of completion certificates.
  • Approved Certifiers will provide greater flexibility and more efficient designs or installations due to their up to date expert knowledge of new innovations and technologies.

The Approved Certifier Registration Mark is used to make it easier to identify Approved Certifiers. The registration mark can only be used by firms and individuals on the Certification Register.

Further information can be found here (Building standards Certification document)

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