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We strive to produce quality energy-efficient architecture which is routed to the vernacular context through its direct emotional and material response. People + Space create homes, and we believe at SK Architecture in ‘building around the person and responding to the place’, promoting client experience and involvement throughout the project.

We are proud to have a multidisciplinary office and we like to involve our team and use all our experience to educate the client experience and incorporate a highly sustainable performing home. our expertise can help any architect, designer, engineer and non-professionals.

Our offices are located not far from the Forth bridges in Fife, Dunfermline. Get in touch and we will be delighted to show you around.

SK Architecture is committed to delivering an honest, exploratory and client-orientated experience. We place enormous emphasis in understanding site context and the needs of the building users, and by carefully balancing tradition with contemporary sustainable performance, we can determine a natural contextually honest building. We can design your new extension, new build home or commercial property.

Feasibility Study

Like the majority of architectural projects, there needs to be a feasibility study performed to investigate and understand the potential of your site and building project. All aspects are explored, from historic research to site ground conditions to identify the viability of you project.

Design Response

An initial sketched scheme design in response to the site conditions and client brief.

Planning Applications

Dependant on the project, Planning may become a complicated process. We like to encourage the use of various other consultants to ensure a comprehensive package of information to give your project the best chance of being approved. We believe in having a strong understanding and relationship with the Local Authorities we work with. This gives the Planning officer a greater understanding and trust in our approach and design responsibilities.

Building Warrants

Once a Planning application has been determined, the next stage in the process is to prepare a Building Warrant application for submission to the Local Authority. This part may become time consuming, so we aim to collate a comprehensive package to avoid an overload of correspondence with the Building Control Officer. Acquiring a building warrant is essential to any build, once approval is granted building works can commence on site.


The construction phase is a potentially stressful ordeal if not properly organised and focused on the original vision which may be a distant memory at this point having endured the planning and building warrant phase. If employed by the client to do so, we can act as a liaison between the client, the contractor and other consultants involved, providing support and project management throughout the construction.

Other Services

You may not require a full architectural service. Measured surveys, Deed/Disposition plans, 3D Visuals, Masterplanning or even just consultancy advice. As a business that covers many areas of the industry, we like to educate and take great pride in offering free advice and guidance to anyone that requires it. Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help out.

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