We provide acoustic measurement and assessment services with respect to the environmental impact of noise either; to a new residential (or other noise sensitive) development; or from the introduction of a development with the potential to create unwanted noise.

Noise related targets are set by the local authority, however the guidance behind these targets is based on WHO research into the impacts of noise. In many cases, particularly for new housing developments within built-up areas, the existing noise climate and its stress associated health effects can limit the local authorities ability to approve a development. This is often due to higher levels of transport associated noise (air, road and rail), an issue which is not to expected to improve in the near future. 

Where we cannot mitigate the source of the noise directly, we do; identify excessive environmental sources and flag these to the local authority; design building facades to meet defined internal noise and ventilation requirements and; design robust noise mitigation solutions to achieve low noise levels within external garden areas.

BS4142: Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound
BS8233: Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings
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