Acoustic Design Consultancy

We offer a range of specialist experience in acoustics and will work with your team as an independent partner to find the most cost-effective solution for your requirements. we offer Acoustic Consultancy Services to designers, architect, engineers and non-professionals, in Dunfermline, fife and Scotland.

Acoustic Design Assessment and Detailing

-Internal and Separating Floors and Walls for New Build and Refurbishment

Room Acoustics

– Measurement and design for optimal reverberation based on room function, i.e restaurants, meeting rooms, performance spaces and assessment for compliance with HTM 08-01 (Hospitals) and BB93 (Schools)

Services/Plant Noise Mitigation

– HVAC, CHP units, Internal/External Plant

Acoustics for Environmental Impact Assessment

-BS4142, BS8233, CRTN, CRN

Work Place Noise Assessment and Mitigation

-Noise hazard identification, site noise mapping, personal exposure monitoring and prediction.

Mechanical N&V Assessment

– Noise issues associated with rotating machinery, structural dynamics, transmission paths and isolation methods.

Maritime and Underwater Acoustics



Craig Salmond

Currently studying sound insulation training. Joined Stuart King Architecture and Design in Dec 2019.

We will always use a source-path-receiver model to address acoustic issues. This focuses on identifying the root mechanical source of any noise. This is an approach historically practiced and promoted by ISVR and recommended in British Standards.

It is usually the most efficient (cheapest) approach because any one source can have multiple paths and receivers. If the source mechanism can be addressed, then we can eliminate the need for mitigation of the multiple noise paths to the receivers. In order to achieve this, the engineer needs to have a very broad understanding of machinery, physics and noise source mechanisms involved. We offer this experience as a service.

Only where the source cannot be directly addressed are mitigation measures required, this is the case for most issues related to transport noise and residential dwellings. 

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